8 Amazing features of Android 9.0 Pie and Tricks

The Latest version of Android OS is here! Android Pie 9.0
It comes with some interesting and cool new features that will change the way you use your phone. 

Whether or not you have updated your android yet, it comes with tons of new features you will see when you use Android Pie, and here you find the Top of them.

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1. The New Gesture Navigation

Android has used the three-key navigation system for ages, but the Android Pie has introduced a new way of navigation in smartphones, the Gesture Navigation. By this feature, you can disable the old three key navigation bar and use the new gestures instead.

  • Tap on the new pill-shaped home button to go Home
  • Press and hold the Home button to open Google assistant.
  • Swipe up on the Home button to go to Recent Apps,  here you can also enter the split screen mode by Pressing and holding the app icon
  • Swipe right and hold the home button to scroll between the apps release the home button to open an app
  • Swipe right and release to switch to the previous app

2. App Actions

This is another new feature of Android Pie. You may have seen the app shortcuts by long-pressing the app icons in the previous android versions. App Actions makes your experience more personalized by predicting your next tasks. It is available in the places like Launcher, Play store, Google assistant and the Google search app.

3. Slices

App slices is the another new function of android pie,with this feature you can open the most important feature of an app directly using the Google Search app without opening the app itself. For example, search for lyft in the google search app and you will get the option to call for a ride with the prices displayed respectively as well.

4. Adaptive Brightness

Android has now a smarter automatic brightness system, as you now train it to know your preferred brightness level when you are using certain apps and in different lighting conditions. You can enable this setting from the quick setting drop-down menu.

5. Adaptive Battery

The Adaptive battery makes your smartphone use lesser battery. It learns about the apps and services you use more and adjusts those apps what you don't use as much to use a smaller amount of battery. This feature is enabled by default, but you can find it in Settings > Battery > Adaptive Battery.

6. Digital Wellbeing

The new Digital Wellbeing feature enables a Dashboard display, that will show you how much time you have spent using your phone. It breaks down the usage statistics into :
  • A Pie chart that indicates the time you have spent on apps everyday by the hour
  • The number of notifications you have got
  • And how many times you have unlocked your phone

7. Dark Mode

Dark mode was Automatically enabled/disabled in Android oreo based on your phone's wallpaper. But now in Android Pie, you can manually enable the Dark mode feature in your Android device. Just go to Settings > System > Display > Advanced > Device theme and choose "Dark".

8. New Screenshot shortcut

Earlier you can take a screenshot on your Android phone by pressing the Power + Volume Down button, but now taking a screenshot in your smartphone is much easier. With Android Pie, you can take a screenshot by using a shortcut right from the Power menu when you need it.

There are many other features that comes in android 9 like Notch support, sharper emojis, security features etc.Write in the comments below which of these android features you liked the most. If you like this post, Please don't forget to share it with your friends
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